A person who previously held citizenship may be allowed to reacquire his/her previous status provided that he/she is not disqualified under certain circumstances. The citizenship resumption process does not have a retroactive or retrospective application and may only take effect once the administration of the oath of citizenship has been conducted.

Who are eligible to resume citizenship?

  • Any individual who was previously a Canadian citizen may be allowed to resume his/her Canadian citizenship, provided that he/she has acquired permanent resident status and has met all the requirements under the law.
  • An individual who is serving or has served in or with the Armed Forces of Canada. Applications under this category are given the highest priority.


Who are not eligible to resume citizenship?

  • Individuals who have had their Canadian citizenship revoked under the provision of the Canadian Citizenship Act or under the current act;
  • Women who have lost British subject status solely due to her marriage with a foreign national, or by their husband acquiring a foreign nationality during their marriage, prior to 1947. Nevertheless, women under this category may still be able to acquire citizenship under subsection 11 (2) of the Act or be acquired Canadian citizenship through the 2015 legislative amendments; and
  • Individuals whose citizenship has already been restored due to the 2019 legislative amendments. They may apply for a proof of citizenship, instead.

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