Canada for a better future

Canada is a country of “Heaven” for many refugee claimants who run away from religious, national, social, racial, political, gender or sexual orientation prosecution and military conflicts. People choose Canada for a better future. Canada has a political and economic stability, human rights, high quality education and easiness to become a refugee claimant. Under Canadian and international law, it is not a punishable offence to cross a border without authorization if this is to seek asylum.

Number of refugee claimants who crossed the Canadian border considerably increased in 2017 and 2018. However, the number had a significant drop in 2019. The total number of refugee claimants in Canada during the first 7 month of 2019 dropped by 31% compared to the same period last year.

The majority of the irregular border crossers which is over 97% chose entry point in Quebec. Roxham Road is the busiest irregular entry point in Canada due to the ease and safety of the crossing as well as the publicity it has received in the media since 2017.

Nigeria, Columbia and Democratic Republic of Congo are top three source countries of asylum claim. Nearly 40% of the refugee claimants who crossed irregularly in 2018 were Nigerians.

40% of those who crossed the border irregularly since February 2017 had their claims finalized at the end of June 2019. Half of them have obtained refugee status. Acceptance rate for top 10 source countries vary by countries.

Source: UNHCR

We highly recommend you and your family be represented by a lawyer with experience in the matter. It is very important since you may not have a second chance to make your claim.

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